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Technical Insight

Magazine Feature
This article was originally featured in the edition:
Issue 2 2024

Dealing with dynamic change and technological innovation


A Q&A with leading global independent electronic components distributor, WIN SOURCE, providing valuable insights into how the company responds to the challenges and opportunities facing the power electronics industry into the future.

PEW: Please can we start with a brief background on the company – some history, key milestones – the journey from launch to where it is today?

WS: Established in 1999, WIN SOURCE is a leading global independent distributor of electronic components with over 24 years of experience. The company began its journey in the electronics distribution field by opening its first retail and offline stores in Shenzhen, China. Over the years, WIN SOURCE has grown significantly, and in 2006, it began providing comprehensive supply chain services to local Fortune 500 companies. In 2015, to address the information asymmetry in electronic component procurement, WIN SOURCE launched Asia’s first overseas B2B e-commerce platform, WIN SOURCE Online Store (https://www.win-source.net/), dedicated to optimizing the electronics industry’s procurement chain. Following this, the company extensively expanded its international business department, establishing localized global business units to meet the growing needs of overseas markets. In 2021, the company achieved sales of $389 million, demonstrating rapid business growth and high market acceptance. By 2022, it ranked second among Asia’s top ten electronic component distributors as rated by SourceToday, with sales exceeding $613 million. In the most recent year of 2023, WIN SOURCE placed 18th in the global top 50 electronic component distributors list, further solidifying its leading position in the industry.

While continuing to expand its operations, WIN SOURCE also focuses on strengthening industry collaborations and has become an active member of several key industry associations, including ERAI and IPC, etc.. This strategy not only helps the company stay in sync with developments in the electronic components industry but also further consolidates its market leadership. Additionally, WIN SOURCE has obtained several high-standard international certifications, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which attest to the quality of its products and services meeting international standards. Through continuous innovation in supply chain management technology and expansion of the global supply chain, the company has successfully opened doors to emerging markets and significantly enhanced its service capabilities in existing markets. Currently, the company has offices in multiple countries, including the USA, Germany, and Mexico, and plans to further expand its international footprint this year.

The journey of WIN SOURCE is filled with achievements, and the company remains committed to providing exceptional products and supply chain services to its customers, growing together with them, and advancing the development of the electronic components industry.

PEW: In terms of your product range, which covers a wide spectrum of components, including integrated circuits, discrete semiconductors, circuit protection, optoelectronics, sensors and transducers, connectors/interconnects, capacitors, and more. How do you ensure that the parts you procure are genuine?

WS: First of all, we have implemented a continuous maintenance quality management system to ensure effectiveness and drive process improvements. Our system complies with multiple industry standards, including AS9120B, ISO 9001:2008, ISO13485, ISO28000, ESD-S20.20, and IDEA-STD-1010-B.

Furthermore, we maintain a dedicated quality management team. This team conducts regular assessments to evaluate the ongoing suitability of WIN SOURCE’s quality system through internal audits and comprehensive quality reports. These assessments are based on audit findings, customer feedback, process performance, product compliance, and the status of preventive and corrective actions, as well as previous management reviews.

Integral to our commitment to quality assurance is our in-house inspection capability. Every component undergoes a meticulous inspection and is verified for its source by WIN SOURCE’s quality testing department. We employ advanced methods, such as 200x magnification, solderability testing, acetone verification testing, and more, before these components enter our inventory and are dispatched to end customers.

Additionally, we have developed WIN SOURCE’s unique quality control system, which includes packaging inspections, shipping label checks, visual product inspections, non-destructive testing, and strict adherence to precise environmental and humidity control. This compliance extends to our ANSI/ESD S20.20 handling processes, ensuring operational precision and efficiency.

Lastly, we place significant emphasis on supplier qualification control. Recognizing that the source of components directly impacts part quality, we consistently adhere to the ISO 9001:2008 management system. We maintain rigorous standards when selecting supplier partners, collaborating exclusively with high-standard distributors who meet our stringent supplier criteria. These partners include manufacturers, authorized distributor-resellers, OEMs, CMs, and reputable independent distributors. These partnerships reinforce the integrity of our robust supply chain.

We understand that product quality assurance is paramount because customer trust is our most valuable asset. We hope our customers can purchase WIN SOURCE products with 100% confidence. It’s not just about sourcing suppliers from Asia who can offer competitive prices and advantages; it’s about finding a partner that provides a comprehensive range of products, specializing in obsolete and hard-to-find component procurement, competitive pricing, and highly reliable quality to genuinely maintain the stability of our customers’ supply chains. This enables them to focus more on production research and development.

Our goal is to establish long-term partnerships, grow together with our customers, and provide enduring value to them. Therefore, choosing Win Source means selecting a trustworthy partner with diversified product offerings, competitive prices, and outstanding quality assurance, allowing you to concentrate on your core business with peace of mind.

PEW: You also promote yourselves as very much a solution provider, focusing on topics such as global sourcing, obsolescence management, cost control management, shortage control management, alternatives, and excess inventory management. Can you say a little bit about each in terms of the ways in which you can help end users address these issues?

WS: WIN SOURCE is committed to assisting clients navigate a variety of industry challenges with comprehensive solutions. By leveraging our strengths, we are able to provide efficient and reliable support to our customers. Firstly, we hold a significant advantage in global sourcing. By continually optimizing our supply chain systems and expanding global procurement channels, WIN SOURCE has established an extensive international supply network. We currently offer around 1.12 million SKUs of electronic components from over 3000 manufacturers, ensuring that we can provide the most comprehensive and high-quality products to our customers. Secondly, with our proprietary big data IT services platform, we continually enhance our online shopping platforms and supplier networks. We have also developed an in-house supply chain operation system that includes subsystems for sales, purchasing, warehousing, logistics, and marketing to support our global supply chain. This enables our customers to achieve intelligent BOM procurement, quickly secure shortage and obsolete inventory, and continuously optimize and reduce procurement and production costs. Additionally, WIN SOURCE’s professional team can provide alternative solutions to meet specific customer needs and help them find the best electronic component solutions when facing challenges. We also offer excess inventory buy-back services, solving the problem of inventory overstock for businesses and helping them optimize asset allocation.

By utilizing our global network, robust supply chain management, and unique comprehensive services, we offer a intelligent electronic component procurement solution, helping our clients maintain a competitive edge in a fiercely competitive market environment.

PEW: More generally, the whole supply chain seems to have some level of ongoing disruption – how do you see your role as a distributor changing to help customers with these issues?

WS: Amid the instability of the external environment and shifts in the international competitive landscape, global supply chains face ongoing disruptions. As a leader in the electronic components industry, WIN SOURCE recognizes that our role has evolved from a traditional distributor to a partner, enabling us to more effectively help our clients navigate these challenges.

In recent years, WIN SOURCE has focused on strengthening business continuity. We have developed strategic supply chain plans that enhance synchronization across all links of the supply chain, improve visibility and agility, and build resilience. This makes our supply chain more adaptable to geopolitical shifts and natural disasters. Furthermore, we continuously optimize our supply chain systems and expand our global sourcing channels, imposing stricter quality controls during times of change.

Our unique quality control system includes checks on packaging, inspection of cargo labels, visual inspections, and nondestructive testing, adhering to precise environmental and humidity controls, and following processes certified under ANSI/ESD S20.20. This stringent quality control minimizes the risk of our clients purchasing non-standard or inferior products. In summary, regardless of how the focus shifts within the electronics manufacturing industry, our company adapts promptly to meet the actual demands.

WIN SOURCE plays a crucial role in assisting our clients with supply chain challenges. Our profound understanding of the industry and our global influence enable us to anticipate and adapt to changes in industry trends. This helps our clients respond swiftly to the ever-changing market conditions, further enhancing our status as a trusted partner, ensuring that our clients maintain business continuity and competitiveness in the face of global supply chain challenges.