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Imec Offers New Wireless Charging Solutions For Implantable, Insertable And Ingestible Medical Devices


Researchers from imec presented a novel, new system for wireless medical device communication and power at the 2020 ISSC conference. The devices, 30 times smaller than today’s start-of-the-art systems, considered system power requirements alongside medically relevant data communication. As Mark Fichman, team lead for medical device development at imec explains, the new approach is designed to make diagnoses and treatment less invasive, more reliable and easier to administer.

Imec has built a unique toolset for wirelessly communicating
and powering implantable devices including those close to the skin surface or
deeper in the body as well as for ‘smart pills'. This toolset allows the
development of customized solutions for medical device companies in a
relatively short period of time.

In February 2020, imec presented an ultra-small radio
chip at the renowned ISSCC conference in
San Francisco. The chip - 30 times smaller than today's state of the art
systems performing the same functionality - can be used to set up a wireless
link with a wide variety of medical devices (e.g. smart pills [ingestibles], or
small implantables and insertables [devices close to the skin], to exchange
data.) The presentation highlighted one example of the work that imec is doing
in the field. Mark Fichman, team lead for medical device development, explains
how such chips can be used for both communication and for charging. The latter
can enable more user-friendly rechargeable implants or even battery-less

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