Texas Instruments Announce Tiny But Mighty Amplifiers


Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced the industry’s smallest
operational amplifier (op amp) and low-power comparators at 0.64 mm2. As the
first amplifiers in the compact X2SON package, the TLV9061 op amp and TLV7011
family of comparators enable engineers to reduce their system size and cost,
while maintaining high performance in a variety of Internet of Things (IoT),
personal electronics and industrial applications, including mobile phones,
wearables, optical modules, motor drives, smart grid and battery-powered

With a high gain bandwidth (GBW) of 10 MHz, fast slew rate at 6.5 V/µs and low-noise spectral density of 10 nV/√Hz, the TLV9061 op amp is designed for use in wide-bandwidth, high-performance systems. The TLV7011 family of nanopower comparators delivers a faster response time with propagation delays down to 260 ns, while consuming 50 percent less power than competitive comparators. Additionally, both devices support rail-to-rail inputs with low-voltage operation down to 1.8 V, enabling ease-of-use in battery-powered applications.